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I Guess This Is Goodbye …

Merry meet my dearest readers, friends and followers, I never thought that this article would ever see the light. Well, it was in destiny’s plan it did. If you’re reading this, there has probably been quite a long time since … Continue reading

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The Witchy Blog Award & I Wish You a Blessed Samhain!

Before I reveal to you my Samhain surprise, I wish you all a blessed and a happy Samhain! Like I have mentioned in one of my previous articles (21/10/12), Ayslyn and I have prepared a surprise for our readers. And the surprise … Continue reading

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Sabbats and My Tradition

On 1st August we celebrated Lammas (also know as Lughnasadh). As you probably noticed, I haven’t published an article in honour to the Sabbat. And I have several reasons why. I see myself as a witch and not really as … Continue reading

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