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Merry meet everyone! Today it is Winter Solstice — Yule. I hope you all have a nice Sabbat. It was supposed for the end of the world to occur today (you know, it is 21/12/2012 today), but fortunately nothing “apocalyptic” has happened … Continue reading

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The First (True) Day of Snow!

Merry meet everyone! I hope everything is good in your lives and that you have a splendid day. Today there is the first snow day in my town, and I am so excited about the coming winter! (There actually was some snow … Continue reading

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When I woke up today, it was snowing. Finally, snow is here! When I created the last post about snow (19/12/11), the snow was already gone the next day, and there wasn’t a single snowflake since (what a winter!). But … Continue reading

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Today it’s the first snow day in my town. I love snow. Actually, I love all seasons, each of them has a special charm of its own. What’s your favourite season?

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