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Book of Shadows (A YouTube Video)

I was on the computer yesterday, looking for ideas how to create and decorate pages of my book of shadows. And then, I came across a video of this absolutely beautiful book of shadows. The video was uploaded by Pir8forever (click … Continue reading

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My Garden Produce, My Magical Items, My New Book of Shadows and More…

As I mentioned on one of my previous posts (26/4/12), I’ve planted basil and pumpkins on my garden. On Thursday I’ve picked up my first produce — a pumpkin. There is a photo below. I think it looks really gorgeous.There … Continue reading

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This is the text I shall use in my book of shadows for the chapter called Herbalism. Feel free to use it as a guide to create your own, but, please, don’t copy it. After this text in my book of … Continue reading

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My Book of Shadows

I decided that I’m going to share my BoS that I’m making. The pages won’t be uploaded really soon, because I’ve created 3 pages so far. They are all drafts, and it’s going to take some time until they’ll be completely finished. … Continue reading

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Book of Shadows

Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog! Book of Shadows (or just simply BoS) is a book, where witches keep their spells, potion recipes and other magical texts. Most witches have their book of shadows in a notebook or on … Continue reading

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