The altar is a place where witches cast spells, brew potions, do rituals… It is usually a small coffee table or a stool. In the following, there are items that have to be somewhere near your altar.

Altar Cloth
Altar cloth covers your altar. It is good if you have an altar cloth, not only because it looks nice, but because, the symbols on it help you with your rituals, spells…

Also known as ceremonial dagger, athamé has a double-edged blade with a sharp point, and a handle which is often black. Handle may be inscribed with particular symbols dictated by the tradition. The athamé’s primary use is to channel and direct psychic energy, and not to cut herbs or other ingredients when making a potion.

Book of Shadows
Book of shadows (also grimoire) is a book, in which witches keep their magical texts (i. e. spells, potion recipes, rituals…). It is usually handwritten on parchment. Books of shadows usually have leather cover with a magical symbol on it. In modern times, more and more witches have their book of shadows on the computer.

When it comes to witchcraft, candles are mandatory. Almost every ritual has to do something with candle’s flame or burning. It is good if there is a “light” always present at your altar.

Cauldron is a “pot”, in which witches prepare potions. It usually has a symbol engraved somewhere on the outer side. In moderns days, small cauldrons are in use, while in the past, there were very big and in a fireplace, not only used for witchcraft, but also for everyday cooking.

Crystal Sphere
Crystal sphere is often used as a divination tool. The user gazes into the sphere, until images are seen in the mind or projected by the depths of the crystal, to reveal information or insights. It can also be used as a way to receive messages from deceased and to determine one’s fate. Quartz crystals are the most common, but are sometimes difficult to find.

Goblets can be a used as a cauldron with a stem, but are usually used during rituals to drink a potion, bless water etc. There is variety of materials goblets are made from: metal, wood, stone, glass…

The incense fills the room with a pleasant smell that make the perfect atmosphere for magical activity. The burned herbs help you with whatever your intentions are. Be careful that you don’t use too much of it!

Mortar and Pestle
This is a tool that is used to crush, grind, and mix ingredients (usually herbs and seeds). Every witch should have a mortar, because it’s irreplaceable when you make potions. Mortars can be wooden, ceramic or made out of stone.

Pendulum is usually a crystal that is tied on a piece of rope. You can use if for scrying and for divination.

Vials & Bottles
When you make potions, you need to pour them in something when they are ready. If you will throw the potion, you use a vial. Vial is a small (about 5–10 ml) glass bottle that breaks when you throw it, and spills the potion. If you are going to drink the potion you just pour it into a glass or a goblet.

Today, wands aren’t very much in use; but some still use them. In the past, they were popular. The main reason to use the wand is that it makes it easier to direct energy towards an object or a person. It is very important which type of wood or other material the wand is made from.

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