Lunar Days

Day 1
One should devote the first day to everything that elevates the spirit. This is a day of happiness, it is most favourable for any new beginning. The child born on this day, as a rule, will live to an extreme old age. If someone will fall ill on this day, the illness can become lengthy but he or she will recover. Dreams are to happiness.

Day 2
This day is very beneficial for scientific research, reflections and discoveries. It is also good for conceiving children or requesting other kinds of favour from the Providence. The child born on this day will grow safely. The second day is propitious for all sorts of trips, journeys and travels, both short and far or lengthy. It is good for any movement or rebuild. If you will happen to fall ill on this day, even if you’ll have to stay in bed, do not worry too much, the illness will be not long and will have no dangerous consequences. Most dreams, however, will be false. This day is inauspicious for theft.

Day 3
The third day is unfortunate. Do not undertake anything new. Do your daily chores that were started and unfinished, those that are less important, nonessential. A child born on this day will not live long without support from strong beneficial planets. If someone fell ill on this day, he or she will recover with difficulty. Dreams have no significance.

Day 4
Happy day for any new beginning, especially for a search for lost items or people. An auspicious day for dealing with water. A child born on this day will become a big egotist or even a criminal. Its parents will have to apply all their energy and skills in order to direct the child to a decent path. This day can become unhappy due to your own fault, especially if you will find yourself under some fatal influence or circumstances, or will take up arms against a fellow creature. Illnesses can be quite dangerous if they are not taken care of from the very beginning. Dreams can come true.

Day 5
The fifth day is unhappy — whatever is lost, is lost forever. A fatal day for criminals. Any of their action will be discovered and punished. A child born on this day will not live long without an outside help. Illnesses are fatal.

Day 6
The day of happiness and passions. Very good and successful for science and research, for any kind of intellectual and spiritual activities, for a search for lost people, animals or things. A child born on this day will live until old age. The one who will fall ill will be none the worse for it. Quite an unsuccessful day for thieves and other criminals. It is better not to tell anyone about your dreams.

Day 7
This day is preferable for the pursuits that can be completed quickly. It is better to avoid anything that can drag on. It will bring success in those affairs where justice is observed. A child born on this day will have a robust health. All illnesses will be easily cured, dreams can be fulfilled. A successful day for any kind of surgery. For thieves, murderers, criminals it is unhappy.

Day 8
The eighth day will be successful for trips and travels, for business voyages and moving. The child born on this day will not be destined to have external beauty, so only through his or her intellect and knowledge, through good will and diligent work will the child attract an attention to him or herself. For people who fell ill on this day, the illness may prove to be quite dangerous. Dreams can be trusted, in most cases.

Day 9
It is better to devote the ninth day only to those pursuits that were started long time ago and that only need to be continued. It can be good and successful for a new build or a reconstruction, for fertilising the soil, for planting and sowing, for buying cattle. Work on this day will increase your experience and prudence. This day is also good for having fun and spending time with beloved ones. The life of the child born on this day will be long and fruitful. Illnesses can be dangerous but never fatal. Dreams will come true.

Day 10
The tenth day is very good and successful for any beginning, both important and insignificant. Grief or sorrow will prove to be transitory. The child born on this day will enjoy travels, trips, hiking and business voyages. A person who will fall ill on this day, can die without an immediate help. Dreams are mostly invalid.


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