Spell (also known as: incantation, enchantment, or chant) is a type of poem, which, when cast, fulfills the purpose for which it was written.

How to Create a Good Spell?
In the first part of the spell, you have to give the past or present state, or say what are you calling, summoning, wishing for… Then, in the second part, you have to say what you want in the future. It’s important that you specify yourself clearly and directly, otherwise the spell may not turn out the way that you wanted to. Spells should always rhyme. This is important, because it’s easier to remember the spell, and, if the spell rhymes, it means that it is a good one. Here is an example of a spell:

To Create a Thunderstorm

I call upon a Heavy Storm,
so big, black Clouds begin to form.
Wind, begin to strongly blow,
Rain shall soon begin to fall.
The Thunder is already here,
there’s nothing more that we can fear!

6 Responses to Spells

  1. firefawkes says:

    I have a suggestion for the wording of the spell. Disclaimer: I’m extremely, extremely new; I just really like words, and I’m pretty pleased with how this one came out! Its intention is a little different than yours – more exhilarated than anything. Here it is:

    I call upon a heavy storm:
    Clouds, above me now do form,
    Wind, collect and strongly blow,
    Rain, your moisture here bestow.
    Thunder, crash and loudly sear
    The sky above, that all might hear!

  2. saniyya says:

    i like the 2 one way better

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