Horse Chestnut (Æsculus hippocastanum)

Horse chestnut grows to 30 m high. The blossoms are usually white in colour, and bloom in spring. In autumn, they develop chestnuts that are shiny and brown coloured.

Chestnuts aren’t eatable. They were used for soap; but now pharmacy industry uses them for creams against leg-swelling and varicose veins.

Magical use:
Horse chestnut is used for money spells, and healing.

1 Response to Horse Chestnut (Æsculus hippocastanum)

  1. Gricelda Schildgen says:

    The horse chestnut is useful to traditional prevent rheumatism, arthritis and the management of hemorrhoids and varicose. It prevents the breakdown of collagen by inhibiting glycosaminoglycan hydrolases. Its seeds are very toxic but, there have been several methods that can remove this toxicity. This herb is popularly utilized in Europe. It is very useful in treating the insufficiency of chronic venus, veins, tension, varicose, tiredness, leg pain, edema and swelling. Its extract is helpful in the conjunctive treatment for hemorrhoids, lymphedema and prostrate enlargement.

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