My Book of Shadows

On the page My Book of Shadows, you are able to find information about herbs, magical tools, symbols, potions, spells… These texts can help you at creating your own book of shadows and with your magic. These are the following sub-pages of the page My Book of Shadows:

  • Herbs & Healing Plants — articles with a description of each plant together with usage of them — medical, culinary and magical.
  • Potions — all about potions, and how to create a potion recipe.
  • Spells — about spells, and how to create a good spell.
  • The Moon — description of moon phases, lunar days and more.
  • Tarot — divinatory meanings of each Tarot card.
  • Tools — description of tools in witchcraft.
  • Symbols — description of some of the magical symbols.
  • Tradition — all about traditions that every witch/Wiccan should have. [under construction…]

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