The 1st Anniversary of Book of Shadows!

Merry meet everyone!

My blog is celebrating its first birthday! Today, on 11th November, 2012 — yes, I created my blog on 11/11/11, a very nice day 🙂 —, it is exactly one year since I’ve created this blog. One whole year! I really can’t believe how fast time goes. At this point I would like to thank every single one of you for commenting, “liking” and most importantly reading my blog; and being a part of my Magical Path of course. You are such a wonderful people and I am happy that Destiny had a plan for us to meet one day. Thank you all again! 🙂

I wish you a great and a Magical day,
Cassandra, the writer of Book of Shadows.

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About Cassandra

Merry meet, my name is Cassandra and I am a Witch who began her Magical Path in the autumn of the year 2011. If you want to learn more about me and my Magic, visit my blog Book of Shadows. Blessed be.
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11 Responses to The 1st Anniversary of Book of Shadows!

  1. sammiwitch says:

    Congratulations on such a wonderful first year, and here’s to another! 🙂 Brightest Blessings

  2. Neferet says:

    Yay! Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work–your blog is fabulous. I can’t believe it is only a year old!

    • Cassandra says:

      Thank you, Neferet! Yes, my blog is only a year old, and I’m happy it got a lot of loyal readers in such a short time.
      Brightest blessings to you!

      • byronycoffin says:

        My Darling,
        I’m so proud of you for all of your hard work and the fact that we’ve become such good friends. I enjoy taking to you on Gmail and I’ve been busy these last few days big time but I should be able to talk tomorrow day around 11 am my time and 6 pm your time. Looking forward to our conversation honey. Brightest blessings. Byrony

  3. It's a Wiccan Life says:

    Sorry I’m late! But congrats!!!

  4. Congratulations on 1 year! I’ve been following your blog for some time and finally decided to say hello. Your site is an inspiration for me, as I’m just starting mine. Keep up the amazing work here. Take care.

    • Cassandra says:

      Hello Kristin to you too! 🙂
      Thank you very much for following my blog. I would love to follow your blog too, I just can’t find a “Follow” button (let me know if I’m missing something). Oh, and yes, the word Tarot is supposed to be capitalised. 😉
      Blessed be,

      • I’m on (self hosted) so I guess you can’t technically follow me…. I added an option to receive email alerts but that’s all I’ve got for now! When I said I follow you I just meant that I have you bookmarked and I pop by sometimes hehe.

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