Divining with Tarot Cards — Update

All Tarot Card of the Week articles shall be added to the Tarot sub-page of My Book of Shadows page, as soon as published (and still available on the home page of Book of Shadows). I hope you enjoy reading Tarot articles and that they give you some new knowledge about this way of divining.

Brightest blessings,

About Cassandra

Merry meet, my name is Cassandra and I am a Witch who began her Magical Path in the autumn of the year 2011. If you want to learn more about me and my Magic, visit my blog Book of Shadows. Blessed be.
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5 Responses to Divining with Tarot Cards — Update

  1. byronycoffin says:

    Cassandra, I need more help from you on the fly, which in America means now. My back is so bad that I’m considering going to a faith healer. I know that this article was about tarot cards but I’m starting to get to the point of wanting to hurt myself. Crazy huh? And now my knees have joined the parade. I was standing in the kitchen and my poor knee snapped backwards on me and almost dropped me on my ass. I couldn’t believe that the pain in my body was mine. Surely I couldn’t hurt so badly. Anyway I’m crying uncle and begging for the best health spell you have. I could do a spell for myself but I think that there is a personal gains law, isn’t there? Anyway please help me.
    Brightest Blessing.

    • Cassandra says:

      Hi Byrony!
      I can’t even imagine what you are going through. Have you tried any of my herbal remedies I told you about in my article? There is something for the knees too.

      • byronycoffin says:

        Sweetness, I’m still waiting on my herbs to come in from my supplier Azure Green. Do you get their catalog?

        • Cassandra says:

          No, I don’t. I have all of my herbs I need on my garden; and even if didn’t, the shipping to my home would be too expensive. In my article, nettle tea is recommended. You know how nettle looks like, right? Try to find it somewhere near your home, just not too close to roads. And there are probably some dried herbs in local stores in your town. Did you looked there yet? In my town, you can also get herbal teas in the local pharmacy.

          • byronycoffin says:

            Thanks so much Cassandra I’ll look for nettle tea in the health food stores down here. Love to you my blessed friend.

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