Tarot Card of the Week: Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune
Card Number: X
Key Number: 21
Rulership: Jupiter ♃
Hebrew Letter: Kaph כ
Translation: Hand
Numerical Value: 9

Divinatory Meaning
Upright — Effortless success. Good fortune that is unexpected. Coincidences. Luck. The beginning of a new cycle. Advancement. Positive upheaval. Change. A card of good fortune, the appearance of destiny and karmic change.
Ill Dignified or Reversed — Bad luck that is unexpected. Resistance to change. Unexpected interruptions. A warning against gambling. Difficulties. Delays.

Magical Correspondences
Colour: Orange
Herb: Clover
Incense: Fern
Oil: Patchouli
Gemstone: Cats Eye
Focus: Rituals for prosperity and all money matters, good for fortune and reverse in a run of bad luck, for change of all kinds.

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About Cassandra

Merry meet, my name is Cassandra and I am a Witch who began her Magical Path in the autumn of the year 2011. If you want to learn more about me and my Magic, visit my blog Book of Shadows. Blessed be.
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