Cooking (and Baking) Is My Passion

If you were reading my blog recently, you could noticed several recipes that I shared with you. I have to say that cooking is my passion. But despite that fact, I don’t cook pretty much. As a 16-year-old girl, going to high school and living with her parents, I don’t have to cook meals for myself, because my parents do. I do cook sometimes, but I don’t have to cook meals, like, lunch and dinner; and because of that, I occupy myself with baking cookies, different sorts of pastries… Baking (maybe even more that cooking) really became my passion. I remember, when I once visited my best friend, I also brought fresh-baked muffins with me (the recipe is here) in a basket. My friend’s parents were kinda surprised, because my parents and I were invited to lunch and my friend’s mom herself prepared some pastries, but despite that, they did like the muffins. My friend even implied that I was like Bree Van de Kamp from Desperate Housewives (she was joking of course). I have to admit that I love Desperate Housewives TV series, it is always so exciting and fun. I’m very sad that the show will end with its 8th season on 13th May :-(.

I can assure you that all of the recipes on my blog were prepared by me at least once (except the last one — Simple Holyday Cakes, I’m going to try it tomorrow). If you maybe aren’t familiar with the units in the recipes (I use grams [g] and millilitres [ml]), visit Online Cooking Converter for conversion.

Happy baking!


About Cassandra

Merry meet, my name is Cassandra and I am a Witch who began her Magical Path in the autumn of the year 2011. If you want to learn more about me and my Magic, visit my blog Book of Shadows. Blessed be.
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