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Magical Symbols & Tools

Check out two new pages: Symbols & Tools. There, you can read about meaning of several magical symbols (pentacle, triquetra, triple Moon…), and about magical tools that you must have: mortar, book of shadows, cauldron, candles… P. S.: All sections aren’t … Continue reading

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Spells & To Create a Thunderstorm Spell

I’ve finished the page about spells. There you can read about how to create a good spell, and at the end, there is an example spell, that goes like these: To Create a Thunderstorm I call upon a Heavy Storm, … Continue reading

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Magical Herbalism

Check out three new herbs: Lavender, Lemon Balm and Mandrake. I hope that descriptions of herbs are useful, and help you at creating new potion recipes. Happy holidays!

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Today it’s the first snow day in my town. I love snow. Actually, I love all seasons, each of them has a special charm of its own. What’s your favourite season?

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Magical Usage of Herbs & Healing Plants

You can print the list with Magical Usage of Herbs & Healing Plants; it contains every herb from Herbs & Healing Plants, ordered by usage. I’ve also finished the page about how to make a potion, so check it out.

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Herbs & Potion-Making

Check out two new herbs (Elder Flower and Horse Chestnut) and page about potions. It isn’t yet finished, but I will add an instruction about how to make a good potion recipe as soon as I can.

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New Pages

As you can see, I’ve added new pages to the category My Book of Shadows. They are still empty, but I promise, I will edit them as soon as I can. I have a lot of studying to do, so … Continue reading

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