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New Header

I just created new header for this site, I hope you like it (the previous one was really hideous). P. S.: Check out new herbs that I added (Black Hellebore, Dandelion, and Deadly Nightshade).

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Descriptions of Herbs and Healing Plants

Today, I’ve started to add descriptions of each herb. In every article, there will be a photograph of the herb, and a brief description with usage of it.

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Book of Shadows

Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog! Book of Shadows (or just simply BoS) is a book, where witches keep their spells, potion recipes and other magical texts. Most witches have their book of shadows in a notebook or on … Continue reading

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Welcome to My Blog!

Today, on 11th November 2011, I’ve started my blog called Book of Shadows. As a Witch new to Witchcraft and Wicca, this blog, my journal, will help me at exploring the Craft and learning as much as I can. I … Continue reading

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