I Guess This Is Goodbye …

Merry meet my dearest readers, friends and followers,

I never thought that this article would ever see the light. Well, it was in destiny’s plan it did. If you’re reading this, there has probably been quite a long time since I’ve published my last article. (Or maybe not.) First, sorry for my absence. Second, there might be a number of comments that haven’t been replied to, and for those who written them, I’m so sorry. Everyone deserves a reply if they took their time to respond to what I had to say.

This article was originally written quite some time ago, but I was scheduling it forward and forward in the future, so no one would be able to read it if I would still be active on my blog. Therefore, in case of something happening to me — don’t worry, I’m not dead; there’s a just a strong possibility that my parents found out about me and Wicca, and now I’m not writing anymore, or maybe something else unexpected happened in my life —, this article would be automatically published.

I hope you did enjoy reading my blog. Again, sorry to every single person who has written a comment, but didn’t get a reply. I’m missing reading your blogs too, you know. I give special thanks to the following bloggers/friends I have met during my blogging since 2011:

  • Ayslyn, over at Ayslyn’s Corner blog: I’m so glad we did the Witchy Blog Award together, it wouldn’t be so great without you.
  • Dearest Kristen Coffin (KristenCoffin), thank you for being such a good friend; I’ll miss our chats on Gmail.
  • Neferet (Stay for a Spell), I was enjoying reading your blog so much. I know I haven’t commented a lot (I regret it now), but please do now, I read almost every single one of your articles.
  • Sammi (The Life and Times of a Forever Witch), you have an amazing blog too, and I was so impressed and happy when I read your book The Magician. I loved it, and I hope you will become the Writer’s Digest bestselling author one day. 🙂

Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again.
Farewell and blessed be,

P. S.: This is the last article (I can say this with 99.9% certainty) that will ever be published on this blog.

Originally written on Wednesday, 10th October 2012.

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Colour Correspondences

Significance: Strength, Health, Vigor, Lust, Danger
Planet: Mars
Day: Tuesday
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Sabbat: Yule

Significance: Encouragement, Adaptability, Stimulation, Attraction, Plenty, Kindness
Planets: Sun, Mars, Mercury
Deity: Brighid
Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Astrological Signs: Leo, Sagittarius
Sabbat: Imbolc

Significance: Knowledge, Learning, Concentration, Persuasion, Charm, Confidence, Jealousy, Joy, Comfort
Planet: Mercury
Day: Wednesday
Astrological Signs: Gemini, Leo

Significance: Finances, Fertility, Luck, Success, Charity, Growth, Rejuvenation, Ambition, Counteract Greed and Jealousy, Plants Kingdom Including Herbal Healing
Planets: Venus, Mercury
Days: Friday, Wednesday
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Sabbats: Ostara, Beltane

Significance: Tranquility, Understanding, Patience, Health, Truth, Devotion, Sincerity, Honour, Loyalty, Peace, Wisdom, Protection During Sleep, Astral Projection
Planets: Moon, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter
Days: Monday, Friday, Saturday, Thursday
Astrological Signs: Libra, Sagittarius

Significance: Power, Piety, Sanctity, Sentimentality, Tension, Sadness, Amplification of Other Energies, Wisdom, High Ideals, Spiritual Protection and Healing, Psychic Ability, Protective Energy
Planet: Jupiter
Day: Thursday
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Significance: Healing, Familial or Emotional Love, Friendship, Affections, Unselfish Emotions, Spiritual Healing, Banishing Hatred
Planet: Venus
Day: Friday
Gem: Rose Quartz

Signification: the Earth, Grounding, Trees, Concentration, Telepathy, Spells to Locate Lost Objects, Protection of the Familliars, Pets and Animals
Planets: Moon (tan browns), Venus (all), Saturn (dark browns)
Deity: Gaia
Days: Monday, Friday, Saturday
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Sabbat: Mabon

Significance: Negation without Reflecting, Unlocking when Stuck, Banishing Evil or Negativity
Planet: Saturn
Day: Saturday
Deity: the Crone
Astrological Signs: Scorpio, Capricorn
Sabbats: Samhain

Significance: Balance, Neutrality, Used in Erasing, Canceling, Neutralizing and Return to the Universe without Repercussion Destructive Energies
Planet: Moon
Day: Monday
Deity: Athena
Astrological Sign: Virgo

White (May be substituted with any other colour.)
Significance: Purity, Consecration, Meditation, Divination, Exorcism, Healing, Peace, Spiritual Strength
Planet: Moon
Day: Monday
Astrological Sign: Cancer

Signification: Purity, the Moon, Treasure, Values, Female Energy, the Unconscious Mind
Day: Monday
Deities: Artemis and other Moon Goddesses
Astrological Sign: Gemini

Signification: the Sun, Male Energy, Wealth, Financial Wisdom, Conscious Mind, Attracting Happiness, Activity, Intelligence
Planet: Sun
Deities: Apollo and other Sun Gods
Day: Sunday
Astrological Sign: Leo

© Everything Under the Moon

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Tarot Card of the Week: The Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands — The Queen of the Thrones of Flame
Numerical Value: 4
Elemental Name: Water of Fire

Divinatory Meaning
Upright — A lady of the manor, either living in or loving the country. A very generous, capable and fair person especially in her dealings with people. A woman who is both fertile in mind and body, and a homemaker. She enjoys social ease due to her charm and is protective towards those in her circle. The card may also indicate the success of a project.
Ill Dignified or Reversed — A person who has a tendency to dominate or to be bitter; an envious, matriarchal and overbearing woman. A person who has a cruel, very dry sense of humor and tends to image people are out to get her, even though malice was never present or intended.

© Paranormality.com

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Tarot Card of the Week: The Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands — The Lord of the Flame and the Lightening, The King of the Spirits of Fire
Numerical Value: 4
Elemental Name: Fire of Fire

Divinatory Meaning
Upright — A lover of action, this is the card of someone who has a well-liked, energetic, confident, but sometimes unpredictable nature. He has an engaging temperament, and his actions, sometimes a little swift, do tend to make sense with hindsight.
Ill Dignified or Reversed — This person’s enthusiasm is so great it becomes at odds with those around. Someone who enjoys discord, arguments, strife and trouble just for the sake of it and actively seeks to cause it. Card may also indicate delayed journeys.

© Paranormality.com

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Tarot Card of the Week: The Page of Wands

The Page of Wands — The Princess of the Shining Flame, The Rose of the Palace of Fire
Numerical Value: 7
Elemental Name: Earth of Fire

Divinatory Meaning
Upright — A trustworthy, reliable young person, with an inborn desire to bring happiness, excitement and light to those around. This person is a messenger of good news and witty gossip. A person who is faithful in service to superiors.
Ill Dignified or Reversed — Honest qualities, that may turn to petulance. Someone who believes they are trustworthy, but all the time being unfaithful. A person unable to keep a confidence, someone who betrays trust and spreads gossip. The card can also indicate journeys that are delayed or a change of address.

© Paranormality.com

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The Element of Air

Alchemical Symbol for Air

Magical Correspondences
Gender: Masculine
Colour: Yellow
Time of Day: Dawn
Cardinal Direction: East
Season: Spring
Altar Tools: Censer, Wand
Cycle of Life: Infancy
Tarot Suit: Swords
Qualities: Life, Faith
Animals: Eagle, Hawk, All Birds
Metals: Copper, Tin
Crystal: Topaz
Places Ruled: High Mountain Tops, Wind-Swept Hills, Plains, High Towers
Natural Symbols: Feather, Birds, Wind, Clouds, Smoke
Astrological Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Magical Powers: Disputations, Moving, Travel, Weather Working, Instruction, Freedom, Knowledge, Gossip, Theory
Senses: Hearing, Smell
Positive Qualities: Freedom, Diligence, Dexterity, Optimism, Joy of Living, Intelligence
Negative Qualities: Contempt, Slyness, Gossiping, Lying, Diffidence
Type of Herb: Airy, Intellectual, Mental, Borne by the Air, Flowers, Heavily Scented
Herbs of Air: Mint, Mistletoe, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Orange Flowers, Hazel, Mugwort, Cherry, Pimpernel, Aspen, Sandalwood, Eyebright, Star Anise, Rose, Wormwood, Catnip, Yarrow

Air is the mind, the intellect of the Witch. It is the Element of movement, of freshness. Magic of this realm is mental or inertia-creating. It is used to “get something off the ground”.
Gods and Goddesses of the Air include Hera, Shu, Arianrhod, Nuit, Enlil, Mercury, Thoth.
Offerings to this Element should be thrown into the air.
(Source: Cunningham’s Book of Shadows, The Path of an American Traditionalist, written by Scott Cunningham.)

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Happy New Year 2013!

Merry meet, dearest readers!

We (or least most of Europe) have just counted the last second of the year 2012, and it is already 1st January 2013 here! Happy New Year everyone! May the coming year be at least so Magical as 2012 was.

Have a blessed year of 2013,

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Full Moons in 2013

Merry meet everyone,

the New Year is almost here, and we are counting the last days of 2012 (only one day to go!). I updated the page Full Moon Dates just for you with the dates of the Full Moons in the coming years of 2013 and 2014. Go there, and check that out! 🙂 You will still get your notifications about a Full Moon each time.

Blessed be,

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Tarot Card of the Week: The Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands — The Lord of Oppression
Numerical Value: 10

Divinatory Meaning
Upright — Conduct that is honourable. Great good fortune that is now a burden due to it’s demanding nature and demands on time. Diseconomies of scale in business, a successful pastime that can no longer be administered by its creator. Lack of social life due to the demands of a project, job or overtime.
Ill Dignified or Reversed — A concerted effort to spoil the pleasures and affairs of others because of jealousy. Treachery. An inability to delegate in a job, leading to unnecessary stress. Lies and deceit used to upset others.

© Paranormality.com

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Today’s Full Moon — 28 Dec. ’12

Today, on 28th December, 2012, there is the thirteenth and the last Full Moon in the year of 2012.

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